Newcomer's Guide to Mi-Pari

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Newcomer's Guide to Mi-Pari

Post by M.R.Blackthorn on Fri Jul 22, 2016 1:46 pm

(This is meant to be a short and sweet version of the other start guides combined.)

What's the Story?
You're an explorer, either native to the massive island nation called Mi-Pari, or you were shipwrecked and rescued by the locals. As an explorer, it's your goal to discover new species and creatures out there in the sometimes dangerous jungles of the island. Who knows what you'll find?

The Adoptables
The adoptables, or most of them at least, can be flat out bought from sales on, or you can take your changes, and have a bit of fun in the process, by looking for or breeding them here instead.
New species will be added every now and then, so always be on the look out for rare encounters while exploring.

Your Character
To explore, you'll first have to create a character. Through exploring, as a whole, everyone can work to unlock more races(all the races are Fae for now. Other humanoid races may come out later). Exploring also improves your stats and skills, which help when your exploring.
Your character can be killed while exploring! If this happens, you just need to wait till the day after, and you can create a new character, or you can choose to "resurrect" your old character, but their stats will be reduced(by how much will depend on how high they are), and skills and level set back to 0. (Read more about Stats and Skills on the main guide for them.)
You can also create a new character, "killing" your current one, at any time you wish to start over.
You do not loose your adoptables if your character dies! They are unaffected.

As mentioned, exploring is used to find adoptables, help unlock global goals(new races, new adopts, etc.), and to help your character increase their stats and skills. Exploring is a staff run activity, and you can explore 3 times a day(with related skill, you can get more as the skill goes higher). Exploring is done by going to the threads under different exploring areas, and choosing one specific area thread to explore. You can rp your "I'm setting out" or just ask to use an explore move. A staff member will come along and you will get a reply, and if your lucky, a new little friend.

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