Stats and Skills

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Stats and Skills

Post by M.R.Blackthorn on Fri Jul 22, 2016 1:52 pm

Stats and skills are recorded on your Character Sheet, which can only be edited by staff members.
Stats and skills may be edited or added to at anytime.


Stats are used in fights and interactions. They all help in different matters.

-Strength: used in fights, allows for different strength attacks, improves defense moves.
-Agility: an attack/hunting stat. Higher agility helps in dodging attacks. Also increases critical hit chance.
-Speed: the "runaway" stat. Higher this stat, the higher chance of successfully running away.
-Defense: the main defense stat, the higher this stat is, the less damage your character will take.
-Charm: used in interactions mostly, will help when you need to be a little more sly with an NPC.
-Morals: used in interactions, the higher this is, the more likely NPCs will react positively to your character.
-Deception: the lying stat, it basically determines how well you are with getting away with lying or stealing during interactions.

-Charm, Morals, and Deception are 1% increase chance per every 5 stats(this may be changed to 10).
-More details on fight stats are on the Fight Guide.


Skills are worked on and improved over time. They help in a few factors, but mostly interactions.
Skills are increased by percentage, and reaching 100% auto levels up the skill, and the percentage is reset to 0%. Skill progress gain does not "spill over" when your skill levels up, so if you would have 120% for example, the next level will still be at 0%.

-Explore: The most important skill, as this increases, your explore moves per day cap will increase as well. For now, the cap maxes out at 10, and you gain +1 every 2 levels of this skill. This skill also increase chance of rarer events. Only improved by exploring.
-Lore: your knowledge of the region, mostly the religions. Will increase the chance of Divine events.
-Trade: the barter skill, used in interactions with special merchant NPCs found while exploring. These merchants might have rare adopts or even completely new and unreleased ones. The higher this skill, the higher chance they'll trade you one.
-Magic: your affinity towards magic. A higher level in this will help when dealing with hostile NPCs.
-Nature Lore: the higher this level, the more you know about plants and animals of Mi-Pari. At a high enough level, you can speak to plants, and combined with the Magic skill, you can even control plants. (Remember that Mi-Pari has many carnivorous, huge plants. This may save your life!)

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