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Explore Guide

Post by M.R.Blackthorn on Fri Jul 22, 2016 1:56 pm

How it Works
Exploring is simple. You get 3 explore "moves" per day, which will increase as your related skill increases(about 1 per level, maxing out at 10). "Move" is really a poor term, as it's really a trip. Trips can be short, one little text event, or could be long interactions with NPCs, possibly a fight. A trip can not end till it is completed.

Explore Locations
There are five basic exploring locations. The Jungle, which covers most of the island, the Mountains, which there are two, small mountain ranges, the Highlands, a large plateau, the River Delta, an expanse of fertile soil, often used for farming, and lastly, the Plains, a large chunk of grassland. You can find these boards right under "Exploring". Within the boards for these locations, is threads for specific areas. For example, in the Jungle, you can go to "Abandoned Tellia Village 1". Each general location(Jungle, Plains, etc.) has different chances of finding different adoptables or NPCs, while for the most part, each specific location will generally be the same within the same general location. So the 1st Abandoned Village and the 2nd one may not have too much different about them, just different text events. However, if you were to go to the "Sacred Grove" you may find completely different events.

Finding An Adopt
If on your trip, you find an adoptable, they're yours to keep! You will first get a message saying something like "You've found a 'INSERT SPECIES HERE' blah blah blah(hiding in a bush... or something like that). Do you take it back with you, or leave it alone?" Taking it back will normally end in you getting the adopt(an image of the adopt will be posted), but if it's a baby for example, you might risk a parent catching you, and triggering a fight. Other times, a "taming" set of interactions will be triggered. Your skills and choices will affect your success.

Your health reset every trip, but if it drops to 0, your character dies, and you'll have to wait till tomorrow to create a new one or resurrect the old one. Health can drop by random events, fights, or interactions.

A different guide will cover these fully, but put simply, your stats will help you if you find yourself in a fight. Loosing a fight will reduce your health for the trip.

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