Creating A Character

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Creating A Character

Post by M.R.Blackthorn on Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:18 pm

To explore Mi-Pari you'll need a character, and here's how you get one!

Choose Your Basics
First you'll need to choose race, gender, and a name of course for your character. In some cases, a race can only be a certain gender(Vixxen being the primary example, which are all strictly female), so in those cases, you won't need to choose that. Others might not even have gender.

Anyway, once you've done that, we can move on to the rest!

Choose Your Stats
You get 20 stats to spend when first starting, plus your race default stat boosts. You can split them up however you'd like, but once your character is created, you can't refund the stats, so choose wisely!

Choose Your Skill
You get to pick 1 level of your choice of skill when starting a new character. All other skills start at 0.

Write a Bio!
You can write the bio for your character by going to your profile and finding the "Character Sheet" tab. Here you can only edit the bio, so feel free to add a little background to your character. You should also be able to add a picture if you'd like that, too.

A staff member should come around and create/edit your Character Sheet when after your character application has been accepted. If it doesn't get generated/edited within a day, PM me to have it done ^^

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