Playable Races

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Playable Races

Post by M.R.Blackthorn on Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:43 pm

More races will be added as they are unlocked.

Fae Folk

General Info
Fae Folk, also just called Fae, Faeries, and many other names, are mystical and magical being of Terra Fera(the world Mi-Pari is on). They often appear at least somewhat human in appearance, but unlike human races of TF, Fae don't have souls, but instead have spirits like the animals of their world. They are often considered remarkably beautiful.

Native to Mi-Pari, these peaceful hunters dominate most of the island, but they have a deep respect for Nature and her power. They avoid at all costs taking more than what is needed, and they do not settle more land than is needed. They live in clans, which are divided up into clans.

Tellia are very similar in appearance to the typical elf found in fantasy books/movies/shows/games, the whole "tall and beautiful" and pointed ears. They also sometimes have an affinity for water and nature(plants/animals) magics.
Default Stats
+3 Agility
+2 Speed

In Terra Fera, Tellia, along with Capareons, Nians, and Talleons(the three true human ethnicities of TF), are the ancestors to TF's elves, who are a half fae, half human race, sharing appearances of the Tellia, but for the most part, are human else-wise.
Although not Native to Mi-Pari, many of TF's elves became curious of their Fae ancestry and where that side of them came from.
Default Stats
+2 Agility
+1 Strength
+2 Charm

Ghost Fae
Strange Fae native to Mi-Pari, they are somewhat frightening in appearance, yet still stunningly beautiful at the same time. They all have incredibly pale skin, silver white hair, and icy blue eyes, along with wings that look like they are made of thin glass. Legends say their touch is cold and so are their hearts, but really they are just very shy creatures, who spend most of their lives hiding within the jungle or near sacred places.
Default Stats
+2 Speed
+2 Defense
+1 Charm

Beast Races

General Info
Beast races are races that are non-humanoid intelligent beings.


(A rather poor, concept piece of them. I suck at humans >.<)

A rarity on Mi-Pari, though common throughout the lands of Terra Fera, these all female shape shifters are really cursed foxes. They have two forms, their natural fox form, and a mostly human looking form, with the exception of having fox ears and a tail. Despite that, they are consider incredibly beautiful, which helps them with their more devious side. Vixxen are known kleptomaniacs, and have made a reputation in most parts of TF for being renowned thieves and pickpockets. However, some Vixxen overcome their nature, often through years of mentoring from someone other than a Vixxen. Vixxen often orphaned at a young age, and raised by a different race, or their fathers, then to not be thieves.

Vixxen are always born from a Vixxen mother, but their fathers can be a variety of races. Pretty much anything with the form of a fox or a humanoid form can father Vixxen children. Any daughter born will be Vixxen like their mother, where the sons will be whatever their father was. Vixxen women often make an arrangement with their spouse or chosen partner, that any sons will be raised by him, but as soon as a daughter is born, the mother will leave with the daughter, never to see the father again. Should the mother die, it is rare that the Vixxen child will ever find their father, and thus, they become an orphan.

Although they have a humanoid form, their natural form is an animal, and therefor Vixxen are considered a beast race on Mi-Pari.
Default Stats
+3 Charm
+2 Deception

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